Benefits Of V-Tight Gel

V-Tight Gel Is A Saviour For Many Women

Healthy relationships, unfortunately, can be ruined by a loose vagina. Love comes on many levels but the sexual satisfaction component for many, is one of the highest priorities for a relationship to survive. OTC products such as V-Tight Gel are therefore a blessing to those that need it.

A vagina will lose its elasticity for many reasons, for example; childbirth without C-Section, the aging process, obesity and often menopause.

If the male partner cannot orgasm by normal sexual activity, due to a ‘loose vagina’ then a woman, rightly or wrongly, the woman’s self confidence can be decreased and anxiety can creep in.

A loose vagina can therefore be the route of both a physical condition and by default, can cause a mental one too. It’s not healthy for any relationship to suffer in this way.

OTC Counter Remedies

It is not uncommon to seek the help of OTC remedies to fix the problem of a loose vagina. However, it is a common issue that many of them do not deliver the results what they claim.

Fortunately, V-Tight Gel, for those reading this article does work and has a massive following. Are there cheaper products on the market? Yes, of course there are. However, they do not work as well as this Gel. You pay for what you get!

What is V-Tight Gel?

V-Tight Gel is a gel that regains the elasticity of a vagina. It is a natural and non-invasive approach helping to strengthen the entrance to the vagina without expensive and often painful surgical operations.

The Gel works to regain elasticity and to tighten the vagina naturally. It contracts the vaginal wall bringing it back into its normal shape and tone.

The ingredients of Gel are 100% all natural without the addition of any synthetic chemical, as an active ingredient.

It will also stimulate the vaginal wall prompting it to secrete natural lubricants that will reduce the effects of vaginal dryness.

V-Tight Gel has become one of the most popular vaginal tightening OTC remedy on the market… because it works and is 100% natural and safe for the user.

V-Tight Gel Ingredients

Plant extracts are the natural source of the main active ingredients within the Gel. It is devoid of any unnatural and harmful chemicals.

Each active ingredient within the product has a different modality but work in synergy to strengthen any loose vagina. This makes V-Tight an extremely powerful otc remedy.

The Three Main Active Ingredients:

Manjakani Extract

Manjakani extract is derived from the a tree related to the English Oak tree. It is found predominantly, and in excess, in Malaysia. In India, Manjakani, is known as ‘Mazhupal’.

Manjakani extract has the following benefits:

  • When applied topically, it works to constrict the muscle
  • Discharge from a vagina will be decreased 
  • It kills bacteria and fungus, helping to keep the vagina in a healthy state. 
  • As the extract is rich in antioxidants, it goes a long way to helping prevent diseases such as cervical cancer. 

PRECAUTION: Manjakani extract has been known to cause miscarriage in pregnant women. It is therefore not recommended to use V-Tight whilst pregnant. V-Tight is a post-pregnant vaginal tightening remedy.

Tannins Health Benefits

The potency of this phytochemical is extremely strong. Do not fear though, it is a 100% natural ingredient. It has the abilities and properties to reach the epithelial walls of the vagina. It makes them stronger and naturally more rigid, tightening the vagina the vagina walls.

The estrogenic properties of tannins helps to tighten the skin and to increase the blood flow to the areas where it is applied. Collagen levels and elastins are maintained at a healthy level.

The tannin extract has been used for centuries, soon after a baby was born, to help stop any bleeding from the vagina, as a result of the birth. It’s extremely safe to use.

Witch Hazel

It also acts as a vaginal tightener. This plant extract has been used as a soothing agent. It reduces swelling but is mostly used in the capacity to tighten skin. It is the perfect ingredient to act in synergy with others to tighten the vaginal walls.

Other Natural & Important Ingredients:

  • Arginine – Blood flow is increased to the clitoris and vaginal tissue, making them more sensitive to sexual stimulation and ability to orgasm. It increases the libido of a woman.
  • Citric Acid – When the pH of a vagina is maintained, it is best suited to fight bacteria and keep fungul diseases at bay. 
  • Sodium Benzoate – It acts as a lubricant and has estrogen mimicking properties. It also acts as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. It is the safest, non irritant, preservative for water based solutions. 
  • Sodium PCA: It acts as a natural moisturiser and preservative.

How To Apply V-Tight Gel

The Gel is a colorless and odorless formula. It’s non-invasive and very easy to apply, coming with comprehensive and easy to read instructions.

These simple steps show just how easy it is to administer:

  1. Before applying the gel sanitize your hands by washing them with soap and water. Applying any remedy directly to a vagina with dirty hands can lead to vaginal bacterial and fungul diseases.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of gel on your fingertips.
  3. Insert the V-Tight Gel into your vagina and massage the gel gently into the inner wall of the vagina.
  4. Spread the gel around as much as possible for best results.
  5. Simply repeat the process twice a day until optimum vaginal tightening has been achieved.

How Safe Is Safe?

V-Tight Gel only consists of 100% all natural purified ingredients that have been tried and tested for safety.

It is a gel that is free from side affects.

This product must be your go-to product if you are currently considering vaginal surgery. Do not put yourself through the trauma and psychological side effects of surgery.


Although V-Tight is fully tested for the safety of its ingredients, it is not always possible to test for rare cases of hypersensitivity reactions.

In that regard, as a precaution for using any topical remedy, you must, in the first instance, apply a small amount to a smaller area. If any hypersensitivity reaction occurs then use of the product should be discontinued.

V-Tight Gel

Benefits Of V-Tight Gel

  • The elasticity of vagina, that was lost due to childbirth, is regained.
  • Hormonal changes that cause the atrophy and loosening of the vaginal wall are revered
  • Make it easier to achieve orgasm for a female.
  • When turned on, it causes the wall of the vagina to contract. It lifts the response level to sexual arousal.
  • It gives you and your partner a very satisfying sexual experiences.
  • The ingredients, by default of the gels use, helps to decrease any bad odour and vaginal discharge.
  • It is the safest product for you to use if you suffer from leucorrhoea
  • The Gel helps to prevent infections and dryness of the vagina, keeping it free from any bacterial, fungal or viral infections.

Positive Health Effects Of V-Tight Gel

  • It helps lift the vibrant energy of a woman and her relationship with her partner via a satisfying sex life.
  • Vaginal tightening helps raise the confidence level of women.
  • Vaginal hygiene is heightened through the use of the Gel and its anti bacteria and fungal properties.
  • The Gel helps to maintain the optimum pH level of a vagina. It promotes the growth of vaginal flora and also prevents infection. 
  • It helps to maintain the optimum level of sensitivity to sexual stimulus.
  • Libido is increased
  • The risk of cervical cancer is decreased.
  • The vaginal wall and clitoris sensitivity is increased.
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How Long Does The Effect Of V-Tight Gel Last?

Generally speaking, there are two types of effects. One is short term and the other is long term.

Short Term

  • Once applied, this Gel works within few minutes.
  • Applying it just before 10 minutes before intercourse can have very pleasing benefits, for both parties.
  • The short term effect, immediately after application, can last for hours. Some have reported it can last for the whole day.

Longer Term

  • Same as for short term use
  • The natural elasticity of vagina will be completely restored.
  • The vaginal opening will shrink and will remain so for longer.
  • The amount and frequency of use, can be decreased after several months of application, without affecting or loss to all the positive benefits mentioned in this article
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The V-Tight Gel Guarantee

Money Back guarantee

V-Tight Gel wants its users to be fully confident and satisfied in using its product.

Due to the quality of the Gels formula and companies belief in its product, every purchase comes with a no questions asked, 90 day money back guarantee, when purchased directly from their website.


This product is NOT sold off-line nor on any on-line store or platform such as; Amazon, Walmart, ebay, CVS, etc. – If you see the product there, then they are a FAKE SUPPLIER – STAY AWAY!

Buy With Confidence

  • The product offers quick results.
  • It doesn’t depend on the response of a womans sensitivity.
  • It works for every age group, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s 50’s+++
  • V-Tight works on every vagina type, regardless of the age or childbirth frequency
  • The natural ingredients makes it safe, effective and unique. There is no irritation on the skin and it’s safe to use with condoms.
  • Applying the Gel hours prior to intercourse is claimed to be appreciably awesome.
  • When ordered online, the product is delivered to your doorstep in DISCREET generic packaging.

Ordering Online

There are 3 simple steps to ordering online

  • Go to official website
  • Fill the order details
  • Choose your package, Add billing information & place order

Step 1

Go directly to the V-Tight official website: Click Here

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Step 2

Fill and complete the right side form headed ‘VIEW PACKAGES’ and then click the SHOW PACKAGES button to go to the next page.

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Step 3

  1. Choose the best package for you
  2. Select a shipping option
  3. Add billing information
  4. Click on the RUSH MY ORDER Button
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